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Producent UCHWYTÓW Specjalistycznych, TRAWERS i ZAWIESI

Our company was founded in 1993. The company’s specialty was at the beginning the production of rope and chain slings as well as providing services of turning, locksmith and welding. Many years of experience in the production of crane equipment, allowed us to expand the production of belt and hose slings, as well as specialized handles for reloading and assembly works.

These are, among others: hooks for concrete coils and wells, hooks for wire coils for fixing inside and outside, hooks with rotating handles for forklifts, handles for sheets, tubes, wires and rails, handles with chain equipment class 8 for pre-tensioned concrete slabs, CE-hooks, traverse for carrying loads or BIG-BAG’s.

Constructional elements of handles are burnt on our own CNC burner, which significantly reduces the time of production. We also provide services of sheet cutting.

All products manufactured by our company are certified in accordance with the current PN and EN standards and the regulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC with CE marking.

We constantly try to adjust to the individual requirements of our customers, we provide professionalism and advisory service, based on many years of cooperation with contractors of various industries, such as: construction, metallurgy, mining, repair, reinforcing or sanitary. This reflects in the long-term trust and many satisfied customers.

Extensive cooperation with concrete and prefabrication plants in Poland allowed us to expand into the European market. We supply these plants, among others, with shipping loops made of steel ropes intended for reinforcement of concrete elements.

We are a dynamically developing company. We are constantly expanding our production, trade and service offer.

ŁUCZKO Company as a manufacturer guarantees the highest quality of its products. Our advantage are also timely deliveries and attractive prices!

We invite all contractors and traders to cooperate with us.


Andrzej Łuczko – company’s owner

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High quality

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